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 The N.R.A. What is "SO Great about the N.R.A.?:"

Here is why every American should be a member, not just gun owners! OUR FREEDOM, it's the 2nd Amendment that a sure us OUR FREEDOM. Today it's the 2nd Amendment the next it Hello Hitter-ville! the 2ns Amendment stands in their way. It's not like this just started it's been a fight since the mid 1970s' and it's getting harder to fight with each new birth of people being less and less aware of the impact our/their D.C.,state and local elict'ed just want to in-slave everyone in one form or other, don't just join, get your friends, and Family to Join, it's their FREEDOM on the line, as much as Yours! N.R.A. is YOUR Voice on capital hill D.C. Your Membership is Ammo!!!

 Welcome: Gun-Owners', To an American Gun Owner's Web-site and N.R.A. recruiter!  Thank-you for stopping by! Enjoy your look around!

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About Us

I am a reliable professionals with over 10 years of experience. I listen to my customers and work with them to address their needs through innovative solutions. It's mostly by word of moth that someone takes their firearms to be fixed. Want to know more about Gunsmith: Click

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For your repairs, Scopes, and other Firearm needs ( I'm NOT In "The Sales of Firearms") you can be sure I will get the job done and get it done right. most of the things that come in here are just as you see to the left, but when thy leave, they're Safe, Working and the owners are happy, So bring your here, See for yourselves, then spread the word to your family and friends.

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 On a more personal Note:

Sunday, June 17th. 2012

Today was the day that God gave the words that was given to me a long time ago. I've waited to hear them spoken, God gave them to me so at the time I heard them, I would know it's that Church  , that God is going to work through me to bring His Will, and Love through That Church. It just happen to be: "The Salvation Army Corp."  I've been from one church to another each trying to get me to join none knowing God haven ever spoken to me, nor why I never can a part of their Church. Oh-man, is my work cut out for me! So as of Today: 06/17/2012 A Sunday: "Comstock's Gunsmithing USA" just become A Gunsmith,  Along with a whole lot more! of "The Salvation Army Corp." in Lawrence, Kansas!

 Here you see a set of photos  the 1911-"isn't a 1911 but a nice 9mm mock-up  of the 1911, though this hand gun isn't blued it WAS a Bag-Gun ( it came here in pieces and parts gun some parts where found others where a close mach and hand crafted to fit and work. the Owner Very happy, with cost, working order, of his weapon. the First photo  is steal in the works but it's a historical piece in the .22cal family! This one will take some time, as to keep it in it's true form, to it's maker's craftsmanship!   Are you a do-it-your selfer? Are you certified to do work on Historical Firearms? Are you a Shade tree Gunsmith? Can you Blue-print a firearm?


 I started doing Gunsmith work in the U.S. Army! Than a short time after my time in the army, I got back into doing Gunsmith work, more so for friends, and others! So back to school it was to get my certifications in Gunalogy, and Journeyman Gunsmithing . I started up this Business in the State of AZ. and I recently moved the Business to it's location now...


!!! You'll not find any here!!!  "The 2nd Amendment is alive and strong here!" and so is the Privacy of Ownership of a firearm!



 Here at "Comstock's Gunsmithing USA" Your Rights are Protected!        "Join the N.R.A. Today!" It's just a click away


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