Words for Michael: "What's up with this world Today?  From one day to the next, The Days are all the same each with day, and night, all with 24hrs. / the planet being ever so changing, a lot not so good (Thanks to Man-kind)! Now People We're  another thing all: "to gather others for the glory of God". There's none that can be so high, as they've set themselves, to look down their noses at anyone with less than themselves. All things come to a full circle, and as we're born with nothing, the nothing comes back around! There is but one thing once we have it, that we can hold on to, and it take some little for us to keep it. As long as we never throw it away it's ours to keep": "God's Love, His Care, His Forgiveness!"     http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/www_usn_2.nsf


                                                                                                     Pictures you can use. more will come this way

Here We are being U.S. Born people, for the most part we rights that make us a free nation. But most are ready to just give up their Rights along with yours and mine that intels Every ones' Freedoms The one biggest right that stand in the way of our freedoms being taken "IS THE 2nd amendment!" But Blinded to the truth of things. And They don't want to know, or hear it! And it's easier to Coward then to Stand!!! " Every membership of the NRA IS A VOTE To PROTECT OUR RIGHTS, And FREEDOMS!

Make YOUR Stand Today! JOIN the N.R.A.


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